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publication: 14.09.2023

Today, we are appealing to your generosity generosity to support a crucial humanitarian project in response to the recent earthquakes in Morocco. Morocco. These natural disasters have had a devastating devastating impact on many communities, leaving behind considerable devastating impact on many communities, leaving behind families. Access to essential goods such as food food, drinking water, warm clothing and medical and medical products, has become a major concern for those affected. As part of our our emergency response, we have undertaken a project to set up a goods transport network, optimizing existing resources.

We work with local partners, transporters and logistics and logistics organizations to ensure the efficient distribution to those in need. In addition, we have identified additional needs. In addition to transporting goods we would also like to install sanitary toilets and emergency tents to shelter the displaced. These facilities are vital to preserve the dignity and health of those affected by this tragedy. However, for this comprehensive project to become a reality bring immediate relief to those affected by the earthquakes by the earthquakes, we need your financial financial support. Every contribution, no matter how one step closer to our goal of helping these communities to help these communities recover and rebuild. If you would like to contribute to this comprehensive initiative or if you have any further questions. please contact us at +41 (0)76 576 41 36. Together, we can bring a little comfort, hope and solidarity and solidarity in these difficult times. We sincerely sincerely thank you for your consideration and support.

Bank account : CH59 8080 8006 2076 7089 1
IID(NCB): 80808

Distribution continues, and every contribution, whatever its size, brings us one step closer to our goal of helping to help the community recover and rebuild.

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